Fiona Brown – My Void (2020)

More and more people are feeling the biting edge of loneliness. With ‘My Void’, Fiona Brown paints a picture of the loneliness that drives people to look for comfort. Through the whispered vocals and deep bass, she considers coping mechanisms while highlighting the creeping void loneliness creates. With this single, she lets us know that we are not alone.

The song is a taste of what we can expect from her debut album coming out early this year. Full of her authentic and hypnotising sound, it convinces you to keep listening and waiting for her next release. The dark atmosphere of this single has been captured through the music video.

‘My Void’ draws you in with an industrial opening fully of clanging beats that shake through your brain. The darkness of loneliness slowly creeps in through the atmospheric tones that swell from the base of the melody. The droning notes that come later add an ominous edge to the music that sends cold shivers down your spine. The melody perfectly creates the dark sense of loneliness with shadowy tendrils reaching out for any form of happiness. Through the deep and dark soundings of the melody, Brown captures you in her web.

Her whispered vocals waft across the back of your neck adding to the dark feeling of the music. Her delivery captures the biting edge of loneliness before pulling you into unhealthy coping mechanisms. Combined with the lyrics, her voice forms a blackhole of dead space that cannot be filled by any of the coping mechanisms she uses.

While the single itself is more than enough to have you feeling the loneliness of the void, the music video adds a new edge. Using dark imagery, we are treated to Brown literally shedding layers of her alter ego. The dark lighting creates the shadowy atmosphere of the track. The use of layer shedding adds a vulnerability and honesty to the music that makes it hit a bit harder.

Fiona Brown slowly leads you through the shadowy soundscape of loneliness and coping mechanisms in the atmospheric ‘My Void’. The dark atmosphere of the lyrics is brought to sonic life through the shadowy tendrils of the melody and her whispered vocals. The literal shedding of layers in the video captures the atmosphere of the single for the music video.

Find out more about Fiona Brown on her website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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