First Frontier – Take Cover (2020)

The world is always on and you can easily burn out with the constant barrage of information from news feeds and social media. If you need to take a step back ‘Take Cover’ by First Frontier is the soundtrack you need. The single is all about being present and thankful for all the little things in life. It considers all the people you see, interactions you have and things you can touch in meaningful ways that you otherwise overlook when hooked to that 24-hour feed.

If you are in need of a positive boost, that is what Helena Poole (drums) and Paul Stafford (guitar) are all about. The power duo has been unleashing a frenzy of energy and uplifting vibes on listeners since 2019 and don’t look like they are about to let up any time soon. The accompanying music video captures their energy and good vibes.

A driving guitar line opens ‘Take Cover’ and gets you moving to the flow from the first second. The guitar continues to hook you and drag you into the song. The melody has this easy flow full of rock vibes that you can’t help but enjoy. There is also an upbeat feeling to the instrumentation that gives you that positive boost you need after the constant feed of negativity from the 24-hour streams. While upbeat, the melody is not overly so.

Stafford’s baritone is laid-back and lets you ease back from the world. Through the lyrics, he encourages you to step back and get into the present while enjoying everything you overlook. Poole’s backing vocals add a great harmonisation to the song that pushes the message in the lyrics. The combination of the vocals and melody creates a single that chooses positive vibes over fear and fighting.

First Frontier encourages you to take a step back and enjoy what the present has to offer in ‘Take Cover’. The post-punk vibes of the melody meld with the positive messaging and laid-back vocals to give you the boost you need.

Find out more about First Frontier on their website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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