Karina Magallon – Closer (2020)

The pandemic has caused a lot of separation between people whether you are unable to see family or you have been parted from your significant other. This distance can create a longing for the other person and this is what ‘Closer’ by Karina Magallon is all about. Created out of a longing for her boyfriend who she had not seen for months due to the pandemic, Magallon captures much more than just this experience. Using her Latin vibes and bilingual lyrics, she taps into a range of emotions brought on by the pandemic.

This is a perfect extension of her music which is all about bringing people together. Fusing styles of music to form a sound that most can connect with, she takes a look at the essence of life. Focussing on love, inspiration and happiness, she pumps you full of emotions.

‘Closer’ gets you into the vibe with the groovy opening. The notes draw you into the song and get your body moving to the rhythm. The shuffling beats meld with the Latin vibes of the track. There is a steadiness to the melody that keeps you engaged. The fusion of different styles can be heard through the melody, but it is Magallon’s vocals that really highlight this. The melody acts as a pulsing foundation that gets you moving while her vocals work their magic.

Her vocals are introduced with this smooth and light tone. She leads you into the emotions of the track from the first moment. There is a sense of longing within her vocals that comes through in the English and Spanish lyrics. While the verses are in English, the chorus is spilt between the languages which adds a little something to the single.

Karina Magallon taps into the longing the pandemic has created in people with her single ‘Closer’. While the song focusses on seeing a partner again, there is something more about the emotions she evokes. The bilingual lyrics and Latin vibes add an edge to the single that has a very classic pop feeling.

Find out more about Karina Magallon on her website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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