Florie Namir – Piece of my Soul (2021)

Combining elements of jazz and pop in her unique sound, the UK-based Tel Aviv native takes you from Nina Simone to The Beatles in a flash. Known for winning the UK Songwriting Contest with her track ‘Mornings’, Florie Namir has been described as “elegant with a classy vibe.” A professional classical composer Namir certainly has the skills for sophisticated music arrangement; however, she chose to pursue a career as a singer-songwriter offering intimate and engaging music. The latest single from her well-received discography is ‘Piece of My Soul’.

Featured on Sinusoidal Music, Atwood Magazine and several playlists, Florie Namir is turning heads across the globe. According to RGM, Namir’s ‘Piece of My Soul’ could be “…happiness as a song.” – we have to agree. Combining piano with slower jazz-style drums and saxophones (courtesy of Lihi Haruvi), the track is a crossover between soul and jazz. Namir’s intriguing composition skills are truly evident with beautiful textures flowing harmonically into a soothing but toe-tapping single. The pace of the track is one of my favourite elements as the crescendos into catchy choruses are accompanied with movement to a high-paced, finger-clicking pace

As I mentioned, there is an elegant combination of various instrumentations working independently but also coming together as a united whole. Haruvi’s saxophone has a life of its own intertwining with the acoustic piano in this ambient soundscape. Using various instrumentation not only tips you into a sonic whirlpool but also represents the different “pieces of her soul” making the melody kaleidoscopic.

The melody itself is enough to enchant a listener; however, Namir’s poetic lyricism executed with obscure vocals make ‘Piece of My Soul’ unforgettable. Lying somewhere between Nina Simone, Katie Melua and Amy Winehouse, Namir’s rich voice slides gracefully atop the melody with soaring smoothness. Namir shares that ‘Piece of My Soul’ is a presentation of “…summer romance in a magical historic town backdrop celebrating one of life’s greatest treasures – love.”

The first single off her upcoming EP, I Wanna Be In Love, ‘Piece of My Soul’ is intimate while still having a universal theme within the charming tune. She notes that the EP “…shares personal angles as an expect on themes like homesickness, friendship and yearning to open new chapters.” If ‘Piece of My Soul’ is anything to go by, I cannot wait for Florie Namir’s new material.

For more from Florie Namir check out her official website, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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