Red Skies Mourning – Reflection (2021)

There are times when you try to do something and it leads you to a completely different end. This is what happened to Red Skies Mourning when he created his single ‘Reflection’. Originally a remix of his single ‘Light of Mine’, he realised he didn’t like the chorus and the single changed to become a transition of his music.

After enlisting the help of fellow songwriter Ryan Curtis to help with the melody of the chorus, the rest of the track flowed out smoothly. Keeping true to his usual sound, Chris Aleshire, the man behind the mourning, brings a brush of indie rock to the slightly more pop stylings of this single. Constantly growing and evolving as an artist, his music reflects his journey and takes listeners with him.

‘Reflection’ opens with a light twinkle of tones that shimmer through your senses and have you breathing easily. The lightness of the track is beautiful and forms a soft foundation for you to rest on as the beats burst out. When the instrumentation blasts from the depths of the softness, there is a really uplifting vibe to it. In the low levels of the melody, you can hear the indie rock influences of Aleshire’s previous work. This has been wonderfully blended into a rising flow that is all soft colours and freeing vibes.

While the melody is packed with upbeat vibes and colour flows, the vocals swing between dark and uplifting. This is great because there is no light without dark and he brings both to your ears before finding the best way to move forward. At times, the lyrics drop into depression and a feeling that everything was done for nothing. This is left in the dust as the vocals rise on the wings of the melody to take you soaring into better vibes and the feeling that there is hope for the future.

Red Skies Mourning combines light and dark through the shimmering melody and deep lyrics of ‘Reflection’. The melody is light and has you soaring on soft colours and good vibes. The vocals bring the darkness needed to find the light before rising to give you hope for the future.

Find out more about Red Skies Mourning on his website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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