Josh Halper – Who Knows (2020)

Looking back on reckless actions can bring up a range of emotions from bemusement to horror. In a frank reflection on recklessness, Josh Halper offers a cheeky tone in ‘Who Knows’. While cheeky, there is a melancholic edge to the music with a thread of exasperation. The flair of the classical guitar adds to the extremely detail-oriented production.

As one of the singles off his debut album Alrightnik, the song captures part of his compelling sound combination. Mixing humour with sorrow, he uses his classical musical training to bring life’s misfortunes to the fore. While he spent years playing with local bands, he has become a go-to session musician. Now he is spreading his wings with his solo music constructed from his live sets.

‘Who Knows’ has these sliding tones that draw you in before some really bluesy guitar lines hit. There is a swell from the lower levels of the melody that have a warm summer day feel to them. While the vibe of the melody is laidback and easy, the guitar lines do carry some melancholy in them. The sound is nostalgic and makes you think of those montages in old movies when the main characters think back over a good day spent with someone.

Threaded into this wonderfully nostalgic melody is Halper’s vocals. His voice and delivery carry on the vibe of the melody as he reflects on the past. Through the lyrics, you get that little cheekiness over the decisions that have been made. His performance has a delicate mixture of humour, nostalgia and exasperation which is a pleasure to listen to.

Josh Halper offers a frank reflection on reckless decisions in the bluesy and nostalgic ‘Who Knows’. The melody has a familiar feeling to it as you are drawn into a hazy reflective vibe. His vocals continue this feeling while adding a dash of cheekiness to the mellow flow of the single.

Find out more about Josh Halper on his Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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