Heavyman – Baby Jean (2020)

Heavyman is a four-piece rock band based in London and making their first waves on the scene. The band is comprised of Charlie Yang (lead vocals, guitar), Tom Papaloizou (drums), Igor Fanseca (bass) and Nick Burns (lead guitar). The band came together in 2019 and named for the emotional struggles that characterise their music and lyrics.

Their debut single ‘Baby Jean’ is a tale of lust and despair. It is the story of a man who is tortured by the advances of a much younger love interest. The tale is woven between the notes of classic rock with a modern twist.

‘Baby Jean’ gets you hooked from the opening notes that lead into Yang’s rock vocals. Throughout the song, you can hear the influence of classic rock greats Led Zeppelin. The guitar heavy track gets your head moving to the beat and would be amazing to hear blaring at an open-air festival.

While the tune has relatively few words, the lyrics do portray the tale of the narrator. You can hear the torment in the desperate vocals that are intricately combined with the guitar lines. The music could drown out the vocals if the band was not so good at melding them.

‘Baby Jean’ is an emotive rock track with an unyielding blast of vocals and guitar from Heavyman. The lyrics are able to tell the story while Yang’s vocals drive the torment of the song home. With this being their debut single, it is easy to see Heavyman breathing new life into the scene for years to come.

Find out more about Heavyman on their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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