MarionvilleModels – Over So Soon (2020)

MarionvilleModels is an indie-rock duo coming out of Edinburgh. The pair consists of Jake Barry (vocals, guitar, songwriter) and Jack Davis (multi-instrumentalist, producer). They have been performing together in various groups since the age of 13 and have now released their debut album.

Punta Prima comes out on 19 June 2020, but singles have already been released including ‘Over So Soon’. While the duo draws on inspiration from Tame Impala, Spoons and the Beatles, they combine it with their intense and dynamic style. Their latest single highlights the originality of the band in a puddle of shoegaze goo.

‘Over So Soon’ gets you into the mood of the track from the first notes. There is a 70s and 80s feel to the opening that has a psychedelic vibe to it. Barry’s vocals come in to add to the shoegaze feel of the song. Parts of the track are reminiscent of early Kevin Parker, but there is something new that the band injects into it.

This song showcases the more psychedelic side to the band and is a sonic explosion of colours. The song highlights the range of styles the band offers with an indie rock twinge to the notes. Overall, the song leaves you with a good feeling.

‘Over So Soon’ by MarionvilleModels is a great shoegaze track with a psychedelic twist. The song brings the unique sound of the band, dynamic songwriting and originality to life. By the end of the track, you will wish that it wasn’t over so soon.

Fond out more about MarionvilleModels on their website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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