Mia Mormino – Stick-Up (2021)

With her powerful single ‘Showtime’, Mia Mormino hit out at those who hurt others and empowered those left behind. She is now turning the drama up for the modern jazz-inspired single ‘Stick-Up’ which continues her seven deadly sin-gles releases. Touching on the sin greed, the track tells the story of a burlesque dancer who is sick and tired of the creepy men in the audience.

Packed with a complex mixture of lyrics and fast melodic flows, the track takes you on a wonderfully dramatic journey of what the dancer does next. If you are looking for a song that brings out your inner villainous alter ego, this is the one you need. To add an extra hit to the release, the accompanying music video picks up the story and turns it into stunning visuals.

‘Stick-Up’ has you tapping to the jazzy tones from the first moment. The tip-tapping of the cymbals bring a wonderfully old-school jazz vibe to the track. The piano brings the tempo down for a slightly more soulful flow that gives way to a burst of jazzy tones. The horns punch and shove you down the soundscape before you tap down to the bounce of the music. You can’t listen to this track and not start to bounce to the springy vibe of the track. At times, the music takes a dark turn for the creep of negative emotions and thoughts that perfectly brings the overall vibe of the release series to the track.

It is not only the melody that has you bouncing and skipping down the soundscape. Mormino’s vocals bring a shimmer and sway to the track that enhances the jazz tones. Through this movement, she brings the story of the track to a really engaging life. You can easily imagine the story and see it play out in your mind with ease. Before you know it, you just might be singing along, particularly on the chorus. This is a really catchy track that you can easily listen to at any time with a serious smile on your face.

While the music on its own can easily hook you to the track, the music video is an absolute pleasure to watch. It brings the idea story of the dancer to visuals with an old-school edge. There is a touch of seduction with a hit of modernity that is a pleasure to watch. As you can’t stop listening to the track, you also can’t stop watching the music video. It is a sophisticated and polished video that wonderfully brings the story and sentiment of the track to your eyes.

Mia Mormino continues to get you hooked to her sound with a seductive jazz touch as she unleashes an inner villainous alter ego in ‘Stick-Up’. The track hits you with the jazzy tones from the first moment instantly getting you hooked to the sound. The accompanying music video is as addictive as the single while bringing the story of the lyrics to polished visuals.

Find out more about Mia Mormino on her website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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