Franny and Zooey – Let the River Flow (2020)

The cry to end inequality and injustice has been rising. Sisters Franny and Zooey have added their voices to this call with their new single ‘Let the River Flow’. Threaded with the spirit of anti-racism, the single reminds everyone that we are all human and need to do our part to change the systems that promote division. From the viewpoint of coming together, the single calls for us to speak up and fight for change.

The sisters’ classical roots greatly influence the soundscape of their music. Using their raw and honest writing style, they create a powerful tool that connects you to the human experience. Reflective, powerful and relatable, this single is the perfect follow up to their last.

The classical influences shine through with the beautiful piano opening of ‘Let the River Flow’. This wonderful piano line continues as the base of the melody. There are some light twinkling notes that gently patter against your ears before this infectious drum is added to the proceedings. The melody has this depth that shines through the powerful vocals.

While the melody sets a strong foundation for the single, it is Franny and Zooey’s vocals that keep you enraptured. The sisters sing the entire song together with outstanding harmonisations. Their voices meld to create these distinct yet complementary layers forming their enrapturing performance. They also build up the power of their performance to blow you over on the chorus. It is a very different approach to vocal performances. However, it is one that not only works well with the rallying cry of the single but enhances the overall sonic experience of the track.

Franny and Zooey take a hold of you with their powerful rally cry ‘Let the River Flow’. Touching on heavy topics, the blended vocals and excellent melodic arrangement flow through you and raise your spirits to join their rally cry.

Find out more about Franny and Zooey on their website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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