Miss Elm ft Life is a Myth – Space Dust (2022)

Miss Elm used stripped-back melodics and peaceful vocals in ‘Love Inside’ to fill us with a magical sense of strength. She is now moving away from the whimsical folk tones that filled ‘Love Inside’ for the jazzy collaborative single ‘Space Dust’. Teaming up with Life is a Myth, she pairs her soaring angelic vocals with a funky beat packed full of jazzy flavours that are sure to transport you to a different world.

As you soar on the fusion of folk-pop and jazz, the single touches on philosophical thoughts that are out of this world. Bringing the best of both the artists’ sounds, Miss Elm and Life is a Myth blend folk-pop ukulele with tropical grooves in ways you may never have imagined. Easy to listen to while getting you thinking about their philosophical thoughts, this collaboration is definitely one to take note of.

‘Space Dust’ fills the airwaves with a cosmic vibe that has you floating in space surrounded by the stars. There is a jazzy vibe to the piano line that delicately twinkles while driving you forward into the vastness of space. The shuffling and deep beats that fill the lower level of the melody add to the floating feeling of the track and the philosophical musings of the vocals. At times, there is a lo-fi feeling to the melody that enhances the easiness of the flow. The melody is a wonderful mixture of the talents and styles of Miss Elm and Life is a Myth, while bringing something new that only comes from true collaboration. There is an expansiveness to the melody that reaches out to the far corners of the galaxy, while cradling you with care.

As the melody merges folky and jazzy tones, the vocals are angelic and otherworldly as they shine with the softness of distant galaxies. There is a light touch to the performance that makes it easier to slide into the thoughts of the lyrics. The lyrics are masterful in their ability to draw you into the philosophical musings about interconnectedness. There is a wonderful link between space dust and what makes us who we are, while connecting us to the very fabric of the planet. The floating vibes of the melody make it easier to sink into the musings that the lyrics create.

Miss Elm teams up with Life is a Myth for the cosmic folk and jazz philosophical musings about interconnectedness that is ‘Space Dust’. The melody has you floating in space as the expansive tones reach out into the far corners of the galaxy. Miss Elm’s vocals are angelic as they draw you into the thoughts of the lyrics and bolster the floating feeling of the music.

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