Fremmand – It’s Too Late (2021)

Fremmand gave us the courage to break free from the negativity that holds us down with the soaring tones of ‘Calling It Out’. Their single ‘It’s Too Late’ delves into a more painful topic touching on betrayal. The betrayal of the single centres on a friendship with someone who turns out to be devoid of empathy, leading to the inevitable end of the relationship.

The hard, heavy and painful decision in this track burns through the soundscape on the back of Jana Hjalgrimsdóttir charismatic vocals. Her vocals are bolstered by a swirl of new wave guitars and electronic grooves that built up over the years this song has been in production. The single is the third from their album, Wrong, and really lets you hear what the band has to offer.

The guitar that opens ‘It’s Too Late’ grabs your attention with a slightly industrial gothic tone. It is an interesting mix of tones that undulate with a delightful darkness. The pulsing warble of the low levels vibrates in the back of your brain, while the synths that fill the middle ground are all dark new wave. The melody is an amazing mixture of something purely Fremmand – darkness, electronic tones and intimate yet expansive feelings. Through all of this, the melody is packed with the feeling of falling down a rabbit hole without any idea of how things are going to end.

The melody drives you through the single, but it is really the vocals that make the single. The undulation of the music enhances the story of the lyrics, while the vocal delivery sinks its hooks into your soul. Against the initial guitar line the oohing vocals grab your hand and lead you into Hjalgrimsdóttir’s vocals that slide against you like black velvet. There is a dark draw to her performance that increases the surprise and pain of betrayal from a friend. As the single progresses, you are pulled into the heavy thoughts that follow the betrayal and the knowledge that the friendship has to come to an end.

Fremmand pull you into a dark gothic soundscape as they bring the pain of betrayal to our ears in ‘It’s Too Late’. The melody is an intense mix of sounds, intimacy, darkness and expansive melodics. It is the vocals that pick up the momentum of the music and give it direction and emotion.

Find out more about Fremmand on their website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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