Snap Infraction – Repeat Offender (2021)

Drawing together the sounds of The Verve, Blur, Supergrass and Dodgy, US-based duo Snap Infraction bring 90s Britpop to the 21st-century music scene. After meeting during high school, Tony Iannuzzi (drums) and Steve Karsch (vocals, guitar and piano) came together to form the upbeat, toe-tapping, energetic band that is Snap Infraction. It didn’t happen immediately however with each individual performing with various bands in various bars then coming together to build this new project. Critically acclaimed by media like Less Than 1000 Followers, Rock Era Magazine, Sinusoidal Music, Music Is To Blame, Edgar Allan Poets and several playlists, Snap Infraction is turning heads across the globe. The latest addition to their discography is Repeat Offender.

Alright, so Repeat Offender is actually a double-sided single including the title track and ‘We Both Believe’ – both a throwback to the old-school Britpop days when The Verve was rocking the charts. Following their upbeat single ‘Father Christmas’, Repeat Offender is slightly more alternative rock meets rock and roll than previous work. I could compare the singles to a more jovial type of Queens of the Stone Age tinged with some Beatles, but this might not be a suitable comparison as Snap Infraction is far more distinctive. By adding an edgier, more modern-day quality to their music, Karsch and Iannuzzi can be considered highly innovative.

Now to the songs. ‘Repeat Offender’ is an energetic and engaging track that will easily get you to your feet and dancing about the room. Similar to their previous single ‘Take The Blame’ (read our review here), there is a hard-hitting melodic arrangement showing how each instrument can be prominent but layered into a united whole. Karsch’s powerful vocals blend perfectly with dynamic guitars and pounding drums building a kaleidoscopic sound that totally intoxicates you. The thing is that the transition from this bubbly rock song to the slightly darker ‘We Both Believe’ showcases Snap Infractions eclecticism and versatility.

Steady, slow and intriguing, ‘We Both Believe’ adopts a minimalistic approach as compared to the bubbly ‘Repeat Offender’. What I find interesting about ‘We Both Believe’ is not the change in pace but the incorporation of different genres and styles. Old-school 70s rock is blended with contemporary alt-rock creating a heavier sound. Add Karsch’s bold vocals atop this haunting melody and you have an infectious song that captures you entirely.

For more from Snap Infraction check out their official website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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