Aza Brown – Midsummer Skies (2021)

There are days and times of the year that seem to have a magical air that casts a spell over you. This is something Aza Brown felt on one particular Summer Solstice in 2001 which led to the start of his single ‘Midsummer Skies’. Pulling at the almost tangible energy of the day, he wove it into the music which he vowed would only be touched on that day each year.

While the track fell to the wayside over time, the passion was reignited in Llandudno and the single is now seeing the light of day. Capturing the essence of a magical day, the single brightens your day and leaves you feeling the echoes of the enchanting energy long after it ends. With a touch of soft rock added to some indie pop stylings, not only will the song lighten your day, but it will also get you hooked to Brown’s sound.

‘Midsummer Skies’ lightly sweeps its magic touch into your senses with fluttering tones and strings that call to you like the first rays of the morning sun. You can easily imagine listening to this track as dawn breaks over a meadow. The lightness of the melody lifts any weight off your chest and fills it with the gentle warmth of a summer morning. The bright energy of the track is perfectly crafted from the layering and twining of melodic elements. The shuffling beats have you swaying while the strings call sweetly from the distance.

The richness of the music and relaxing soundscape enhance the folk-rock edge of Brown’s vocals. His vocal performance brightens the world like rays of the sun while putting a smile on your face. There is no way that you can listen to this track and not feel the blossoming of good vibes in your chest. Through the lyrics, Brown is able to place you in the Summer Solstice and help you forget about the reality of life for just a moment. By the end of the track, you want to sit and enjoy the movement of nature with a loved one.

Aza Brown has you forgetting about reality for a moment and fills you with the good vibes of a summer’s day with ‘Midsummer Skies’. The melody is light and warm with a richness that skins into your skin like the summer sun. Brown’s vocals are light as they capture the magical essence of a summer day spent enjoying nature with a loved one.

Find out more about Aza Brown on his website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.  

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