FROSTisRAD – Sometimes I Just Want to be Alone (2021)

With the title ‘Sometimes I Just Want to be Alone’, FROSTisRAD has you thinking this song will be very different to what they actually deliver. Filled with energetic lyrics and fun, the single brings a whole new feeling to emo-rap and rock. Extremely catchy, the single has you excited and bouncing around, while rocking out to the alternative vibes.

A true blending of passions, this musical project brings his love of music to powerful emotions, ranging from sadness to rage and love. While the music itself is enough to get you fully engaged, the accompanying music video completes the cohesive multimedia experience of this project. Using his skills as both a musician and art director, FROSTisRAD brings a whole new way of experiencing music to listeners.

‘Sometimes I Just Want to be Alone’ has a rather emotional opening that is atmospheric and gets you into the mood of the lyrics. This takes a turn when the drums enter and pound against your skull. The guitar takes up some serious punk-rock energy and makes you want to move around to the music. There is so much energy in the track that you can feel it vibrating through you, looking for a release. The music has a second swing that moves it to a more emo-rap tone that becomes intertwined with that exciting rock tone. This is a track that is so unlike what you might be listening to right now that you can’t help but enjoy it.

FROSTisRAD introduces himself through the opening and lets you know that sometimes he just wants to be alone. The melodic flow of his vocals builds after the spoke opening and matches the vibrant energy of the music. There are layers to his vocals that enhance the energy and makes you want to shout out with him. As you listen to the punk-rock vocals, you have the urge to bounce around like crazy while turning the volume up. When the music swings for the rap section, the vocals move to match. There is a really great melodic movement to the emo-rap vocals that make you want to smile as you listen. Through all of this, the single shines with an anthemic edge that takes everything to a new level.

FROSTisRAD has you bouncing around and turning the volume up as you rock out to the anthemic vibes of ‘Sometimes I Just Want to be Alone’. The music builds with vibrating rock energy, before twisting to include some great rap tones. The vocals are enhanced by the energy of the music and get you seriously hooked to this undeniable track.

Find out more about FROSTisRAD on his website, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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