Kevin Roy Correll – Old Man (2021)

The upbeat and driving melody of ‘Wouldn’t Change a Thing’ by Kevin Roy Correll put a real smile on our faces. Now, he is filling our ears with the rock ballad ‘Old Man’ which is an ode to a conversation he had with his grandfather. Talking about the things that matter, the single considers the connection between the young and old within a family.

There are some sadder moments of the ballad, as he looks at how loved ones pass on, but this is tempered with the knowledge that they live on in those left behind. A deeply emotional single, it showcases his passion for music and the authenticity of his songs. Using lyrics that we can all relate to, he brings the majesty of rock ballads to intimate feelings.

‘Old Man’ softly leads you into an atmospheric feeling with acoustic guitars and tender strings dancing through your senses. The richness of the melody is beautiful and you can easily relax into the cushion of sound. There is something about the music that wraps around you like a warm blanket and comforts you. As the guitars and strings weave around your senses, they bring a tug of emotion. The softness of the track takes a turn later on that you are not really expecting, but that just makes it even better. The guitars soar while the strings continue their tender ode through the background. It is an amazing mixture of pure rock guitars and atmospheric strings.

While the melody has you sinking into the soft cushions of the instrumentation, Correll’s vocals draw you into a conversation. The opening lyrics are a plea for stories from an older family member that dusts the single with a coat of nostalgia. There are some heavy questions woven into the plea that are answered later in the track. The vocal performance is amazing, as you are presented with both sides of the conversation. When the music changes, the vocals call out with an important message. The humming backing vocals propel the vocals at this point, adding emphasis to what they have to say.

Kevin Roy Correll tugs at your emotions with the two sides of a conversation packed with nostalgia and heavy questions, before flying on rock guitars in ‘Old Man’. The music is tender and touching through the soft sections and only becomes better as the guitars soar. His vocals are stunning as he presents the two sides of a conversation while asking and answering some hard questions.

Find out more about Kevin Roy Correll on his website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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