mostgood – Who Owns Your Love? (2021)

There are times in a relationship when you are unsure if your partner actually has feelings for you, or if they are just going through the motions. These moments have been picked up by mostgood for her debut single ‘Who Owns Your Love?’. Using soft pop tones and lo-fi beats, she carefully considers the emotions invoked by this questioning of affection.

With a chorus that was inspired by a cat who was very insistent on cuddles, Sally Shepard crafts a deeply emotional single. A multi-instrumentalist and producer, she recorded and mastered the single at her home studio. If you are looking for a new bedroom pop track to get hooked on, this just might be the one you are looking for.

‘Who Owns Your Love?’ pulses with lo-fi vibes and a dreamy hazy flow. There is a reflective feeling to the music that makes you think about late night musings where the thoughts won’t budge until you acknowledge them. There is more going on in the melody than you first imagine, with multiple lines coming together for a twirl of easy tones. The deep beats keep you grounded, while the almost ambient higher tones sigh against your ears. There is a plucking note that comes from the side to add a splash of something extra to the mix of the music.

As the layers of the melody cushion you and draw you into the reflective vibes of the music, the vocals are a gentle conversation in the dark of the night. Her voice is delicate as she opens up and leaves herself vulnerable. Each word questions the affections of the other person and whether her feelings have been reciprocated. The emotions invoked by the single are complex as she tugs at insecurity, affection and hope. The chorus is so soft that you want to close your eyes and relax back into it.

With a soft pop sound, mostgood opens up and leaves herself vulnerable, while questioning the affections of another in ‘Who Owns Your Love?’. The melody has a late night reflective vibe that mixes perfectly with the lo-fi beats and ambient higher layers. Her vocals are soft and delicate as she tugs at a complex knot of emotions.

Find out more about mostgood on her Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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