Gabrielle Ornate – The March of the Caterpillars (2021)

Describing herself as “bohemian pop”, singer-songwriter Gabrielle Ornate has a sound that is wistful with a jovial twist. Bringing together a melodic harmony of expressive instrumentation and intriguing lyricism, the UK-based artist showcases innovation and eclecticism. As a new solo artist releasing her debut track today, Ornate has not received too much coverage; however, we are honoured to be among the first reviews! Here we go…

Many people tend to label artists based on their debut release, but ‘The March of the Caterpillars’ is too genre-defying for categorisation. Heavily synth-laden, the track has a hazy ambience similar to the synth-pop sound of the 80s; however, Ornate injects a modern-day feel with trip-hop elements. Her eclecticism is sound with several crescendos and diminuendos changing the pace from slow and soothing to an upbeat techno-influenced beat.

Aptly named, ‘The March of the Caterpillars’ is a sonic representation of a butterfly emerging from its chrysalis. From wistful innocence to buoyant joviality, Ornate takes you on a journey with the flowing melody and intimate lyricism. While the melody is infectious in itself, it is the vocals that add an otherworldly feel.

With an obscure tone reminiscent of Kate Bush, Gabrielle Ornate’s vocals enhance the mystical surrealness to ‘The March of the Caterpillars’. Although there is a harmonic fusion of voice and melody, Ornate’s tone and timbre have an underlying individuality.

Overall, I really enjoy the track even if I am not a fan of this genre. This is only Ornate’s debut single but I am eager to hear more original material!

For more from Gabrielle Ornate check out her official website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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