SWEETTALKER – Born to Lose (2021)

SWEETTALKER is offering their own take on the working man blues with their single ‘Born to Lose’. The track tells the story of a man who is trying to make it in the music industry. With the band’s mixture of garage rock and psychedelia, it considers the daily grind and the influence this has on your perspective of life.

Originally written in 2016, the track became relevant in a new way after their EP was released last year. Over the last few years, the band has been making a name for themselves touring across the Southeast and Midwest USA. With a sound that is energetic and youthful, they will leave you impressed while your mind swirls to their music.

‘Born to Lose’ has a guitar line that will not stop as it draws you into the single. As it continues to soar through you, the drums make you want to jump around. There is an interesting layering to the melody with the lower levels thrumming through you while the higher levels are vibrant in their energy. This approach has you filled with the energy and vibes of the music as it comes at you from different directions. The melodic flow of the music is solid against the more psychedelic eclecticism of the vocals.

The vocals soar in with the opening line making you want to call out with the band. There is a light tough of distortion on the vocals that give you a hit of psychedelia. The harmonisations create depth to the performance before you are sent into the higher chorus. The interplay between the vocal performances is wonderful and adds to the unique structure of the single. The lyrics have you filled with a sense of frustration with the daily grind.

The accompanying music video hits you with the chaotic essence of the single through the psychedelic imagery. Instead of a more traditional performance video, the band takes a different approach. While you see the band playing the single, they are washed with colours and negatives. The energy they bring to their performances is clear in the video which enhances the vibe of the music.

SWEETTALKER unleashes feelings of frustration against the daily grind in the waves of rock and psychedelia that is their single ‘Born to Lose’. The energy of the music hits you from different directions while the two vocal performances pump you up. The accompanying music video has the essence of the single brought to visual life through a different take on performance videos.

Find out more about SWEETTALKER on their website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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