Gage Baggs ft Brodie Z – Live It Up (2021)

If you are looking for a song that helps you let loose and just have a great time, we have just what you need. Gage Baggs brings a blast of fun and good vibes with his single ‘Live It Up’. Featuring vocals from Brodie Z, the 80s-inspired track merges synthwave with electronic pop and vocal dance for an upbeat and infectious swirl of good times.

Baggs and Brodie Z first met a few years ago when Brodie was in a band that Baggs enjoyed listening to. Three years after the initial meeting and Baggs send through some demos for Brodie to check out leading to this single. Part eerie and part chilled, they will keep you hooked while feeling good.

‘Live It Up’ has a somewhat muted opening that comes through to you like music from beyond a closed door. As the volume really hits, the beats grab hold of your body and get you bopping to it. The infectious energy of the melody sweeps through your body filling you with good vibes while swiping away any stress you might be feeling. You can hear the influence of 80s synthwave but this has been moulded into a more contemporary sound resting on electronic pop.

As you bounce to the melody, Brodie Z’s vocals have a delightful dancing movement. His voice is a shimmy resting over the jump of the melody that makes you want to move to the rhythm even more. The layering of his vocals enhances the good vibes of the track and just makes you smile without even realising it. There are moments when his vocals have a breathless feeling to them that helps you release any pressure sitting on your shoulders.

Gage Baggs and Brodie Z lift your spirits with the feel-good vibes and dancing beats of ‘Live It Up’. The melody sweeps through you with some retro tones that have been warped into a modern beat. Resting on them is a moving vocal performance that is so full of good vibes that you can’t help but ride the light waves that follow.

Find out more about Gage Baggs on his Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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