Scott Klein – Sunshine (2021)

Scott Klein is taking listeners into the dark of the night for a sentimental dance to ‘Sunshine’. With a haunting parallel between the image-rich lyrics and blended country-folk melody, he pulls you into the depths of your imagination. As the single carries over empty prairies, it fills the brain with contrasts of sunny days and empty landscapes.

Written for an ex-lover, the single features guitarist Leot Hanson and producer Aspen Beveridge. The interwoven sounds of the single showcase a maturity in Klein’s music and gives you a taste of what he has to offer. With twanging country, folk sensibilities and a touch of rock, the single will play out in your mind and linger long after the last notes fade.

There is a wonderful rock-folk feeling to the opening of ‘Sunshine’ that vibrates through you. The guitar has a really great folk vibe to them that turns into a haunting warble of darkness and mist. There is a smooth feeling to the melody that melds with darkness to tug at an ominous thread in the back of your mind. As the guitars and beats call out over the soundscape, they form an expansive movement that reaches out into the distance with a never-ending line. The guitar riff later in the track is all night drives and the feelings of the dark.

The lyrics are both descriptive and slightly ambiguous allowing your imagination to take hold and fill in the gaps. Klein’s vocals have an amazing depth that sinks into your chest to get you hooked to the movement of the music. His performance has a questioning edge with a reflective glint. This is woven into a story that is rather dark yet so ridiculously addictive. The dark edges of the lyrics and vocals meet the movement of the melody for a single that is light at times only to be washed with a moaning emptiness.

Scott Klein mixes an expansive emptiness with sunny moments and addictive melodic movements for ‘Sunshine’. The single is a delightful combination of light and dark swirling together to form a touch of obsession. Through the vocals, your imagination is set free while the smooth movement of Klein’s voice gets you hooked to his sound.

Find out more about Scott Klein on his website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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