Galaxy Shores – Sphallolalia (2021)

There are some people who are able to handle casual encounters and others who feel experience deeper feelings regardless of the time spent together. Galaxy Shores is connecting with the latter in his single ‘Sphallolalia’ as he looks at the inability to have a casual encounter and a potential coping mechanism. While diving into a single encounter, the track picks up a theme that many can relate to and consider how they stave off feelings before trying to move on.

This look into feelings and casual encounters comes from Josh Herren who writes, records and masters every aspect of the single himself. Throughout his school years, he was included in music but only had the idea to form his own project during the pandemic. Diving headfirst into the project, he draws on a range of influences and genres to create a unique sound.

‘Sphallolalia’ shimmers and warps into your ears with a slightly retro synth vibe. The music swirls around your senses with a psychedelic haze and light warbling synth notes. There is an interesting flow to the melody that is airy and washed out while psychedelic. Through the sound, you are drawn into the sonic world of the track with a collision of sounds as the characters come together and swirl together only to diverge and go on their separate paths. The floating moments are blissful but carry an edge as they tug at your heart and fill you with a strange insecurity.

Herren’s vocals are as hazy as the melody as he calls to you from beyond the wash of synths. The lyrics tell a story of connection with someone, the meeting for a casual encounter and the need to move on from this without falling into deeper emotions. The chorus swirls with the understanding that he needs to cope with connecting yet not and considers feeling like it is real in the moment. While the vocals could easily take a sad turn, there is an acceptance to them that lifts the whole single.

Galaxy Shores washes your senses with a hazy and airy mix of psychedelic synths while looking at emotions and casual encounters in ‘Sphallolalia’. The single is a rather dreamy mix of sound that has you floating into the sonic world of the story. The vocals lead you into a connection before bringing an acceptance that you need to move on from it.

Find out more about Galaxy Shores on his website, Instagram and Spotify.

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