Edith – Over It (2021)

Breakups happen in a lot of ways with some being painful and others being carefree. Edith is taking all of them on with her single ‘Over It’ as she charts a careless breakup. With relatable lyrics and a catchy melody, she weaves the emotions of a breakup into a carefree attitude of bring over it all.

With the use of vast synths, she has you eager for her upcoming album and the stories it has to tell. Her upcoming debut album shows a more mature side of her with soaring ballads and beautiful melodic lines. Through her music, you can feel the passion she has for what she does which leaves you wanting more.

Edith’s vocals pull you into ‘Over It’ with a powerful line. Her performance has a bouncing and upbeat vibe to it that makes you want to move. Through her performance, she lays out the breakup before moving on with the chorus. There is a really catchy vibe to her vocals that makes you want to bounce around to the single. As you are bouncing around, you are also going to want to sing with the chorus. There is a wonderful vibe to the vocals that make you feel like you can get over any breakup and move on.

Under the bouncing vocals is a pulsing synth soundscape. The drums pop from all directions while the synths form a vast soundscape of pulsing lights. The pace of the melody perfectly matches up to the vocals while shivering through your veins to fill you with a dancing energy. There is something really fun resting in the music that puts a smile on your face as the lyrics help you move on.

Edith has you bouncing to her beat while taking on heartbreak and breakups in ‘Over It’. The upbeat energy of the single bolsters the lyrics which help you move on and let go after a breakup. While letting go, you are forced to move by the rather infectious vocals and beats that sink into your bones.

Find out more about Edith on her website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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