Galaxy Thief – Free (2021)

Galaxy Thief are here with their first single since a shakeup of their line-up. With new frontman Rhys Messenger, the band unleashes ‘Free’ which draws on indie rock and old-school tones for a contemporary soundscape. Packed with energy that is sure to get you chanting along to the vocals, they showcase their evolving sound and pure musicality.

With this single, they let us know why they are gaining a serious following while also being chosen as the first UK Yamaha Music London Ambassadors. Their rousing sound surges through you and has been honed in their farm-based studio. While they have been enchanting audiences over the summer, they are putting the final nails in with their engaging and anthemic track.

‘Free’ uses a progressive opening that gently sweeps you into the crash of indie rock tones. There is a great movement to the melody that has you swaying to the rhythm. The drums create the base that the guitars take off from. As the melody leads you to the chorus, there is a build-up to the jump of soaring tones. The music picks you up and has you gliding on warm air currents as you feel the freedom of the track. There is a bright energy to the music that sweeps through you and lifts any troubles off your chest. By the end of the track, you will feel lighter for the listening experience.

As you fly with the music, Messenger’s vocals grab your attention with a rather sombre questioning. In the lead-up to the chorus, his vocals get a wash of indie rock goodness. This rises into an anthemic flow on the chorus that is bolstered by the crowd of backing chants. You can easily imagine this song soring out over a crowd as they get lost in the music and shout out with the band. As you are captured by the energy of the track, the lyrics help you leave the past behind and move forward with a positive attitude. Combined with the melody, the vocals complete the upliftment and have you feeling that you can take on anything.

Galaxy Thief sweeps through your senses with an anthemic movement that lifts you up and has you soaring on warm air current in ‘Free’. The music rises to have you glide along the freedom and light of the soundscape. The vocals bring an extra hit of indie rock goodness before lifting you up and filling you with good vibes.

Find out more about Galaxy thief on their website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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