NVision – Fake Friends (2021)

NVision filled us with a passionate call through the smooth dips of their single ‘The End’. Heading in a more metalcore direction compared to the moody atmospherics of the last, ‘Fake Friends’ marks a transition for the band. The heavier style is a testament to the versatility of the band and their continued evolution into something much bigger.

While marking a new stage for the band, the single blends old and new sounds to really bring the change to life. From breathy vocals to screams and in-your-face performances, each note encompasses what we love about the band and blends it into something new. Through this track, the band is able to capture your affections all over again while opening the door for new fans to flock in.

‘Fake Friends’ opens with laid-back and slightly breathy vocals that wisp against your skin like tendrils of incense. This perfectly leads you to the chorus that has a rhythmic feeling to the vocals and gets your head bopping to its rhythm. The breathy vocals continue through the second verse as it questions the darkness that slowly creeps in. This is all thrown away for the scream of the vocals that pushes against your senses for a brutal interlude. As the single progresses, you are hit with the in-your-face vocals that lead to a scream and melodic flow. This is really a masterclass in vocal performance as you move from one style to another while being completely captivated from start to finish.

While the vocals have you firmly hooked to the band’s sound, the melody creates the perfect rhythmic flow to bolster the movement. Through the first verse, the music is light and tickles the back of your brain. This move into a solid emo rock flow for the chorus. As the music heads toward the more metal tones, the rock edge of the music builds for a push when the vocals scream. If the vocals are a masterclass, the melody is a true masterpiece of epic proportions.

NVision captivates with a transitional flow as they move from smooth indie rock to metalcore screams in the endlessly captivating ‘Fake Friends’. The vocals open the track with breathy flows that move into a pure rock chorus and metal screams. The melody meets the challenge of the vocals to add the final touches to the absolute masterpiece of a song.

Find out more about NVision on their website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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