Garbage Queen – Pretty Boy (2020)

Garbage Queen is a rock vocalist from Poland, but based in the United Kingdom. She first fell in love with music as a child watching her mother rehearse for recitals. While she bewitches you with her rock vibes, she is a classically trained pianist, violinist and songwriter.

In her new release ‘Pretty Boy’, Garbage Queen uses all her talents to tell the tale. Her music is reminiscent of the 70s punk movement, but her expressive performance puts a unique spin on things.

‘Pretty Boy’ has a gentle start with dreamy guitars and smooth vocals. From the first word, the lyrics build the story of the Pretty Boy and how everyone is bewitched by his charms. This turns into anger at this narcissistic abuser and derision of everything the Pretty Boy offers.

While the song has a dreamy opening, it leads into an explosive chorus with theatrical rock vibes. The music is catchy and infectious staying in your head after the song is over. There is an expressive use of guitars combining with Garbage Queen’s vocals to provide an emotive performance.

Garbage Queen uses ‘Pretty Boy’ to explore a plethora of emotions through explosive guitars, emotive lyrics and infectious melodies. The track has a punk vibe to it while incorporating dream pop and something uniquely Garbage Queen. With this song, she has set herself firmly as the ruler of her domain.

Find out more about Garbage Queen on her website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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