Gavin Fox – Tell Me So (2022)

If James Blunt and James Taylor were to have a child, the chances are Gavin Fox would be it. Hailing from Ireland, this talented singer-songwriter has an intimate, eclectic and evocative sound to share with the masses. Featured on Hot Press Magazine, Roadie Music, Music Crowns, YMX, Find No Enemy and Sinusoidal Music, Fox has hit the blogosphere with a blast. Not only is he all over blogs, but he has received airtime from Irish radio stations like Red FM, Shannonside Radio and many more. Now, we take you along with us as we gander at his latest release, ‘Tell Me So’.

Following the upbeat single ‘Lay Down Low’ (read our review here), Fox adopts a softer, smoother and more mellow sound in ‘Tell Me So’. The acoustic-inspired arrangement tosses you into a warm, comfortable and charming sonic bubble. Rich and bold, but with a soft simplicity, ‘Tell Me So’ is both chilled out and filled with intimate intensity. It is this laidback ballad style and poignant lyricism that really captivates me.

Chilled out and mellifluous, Gavin Fox’s dulcet tones raise your spirits as he reaches out and hugs you in a powerful embrace. Seemingly slightly melancholic, there is a vulnerability in Fox’s voice; however, ‘Tell Me So’ is far more than sentimental nonsense. Exploring human fragility, Fox pleas with his listeners to stick around and share a warm cuddle in a brutally honest way. He explains that ‘Tell Me So’ is “…about checking in with each other a little more. Despite the image we may portray to the outside world, some people are privately facing difficult struggles. The right word, at the right time, can make all the difference…”

In addition to the soul-stirring single, Gavin Fox released an official music video for ‘Tell Me So’. You can view the video below or see it on his YouTube Channel.

For more from Gavin Fox check out his Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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