Memphis Stone and the Elevators – Serious (2022)

With their single ‘Realign’, Memphis Stone and the Elevators used an energetic rock sound to bring the brooding darkness of the song to life. They are now bringing a stomping groove to a tale of compulsive nature and addictive emotions in ‘Serious’. Through the lyrics, the band considers being addicted to love and relationships, while knowing that you are in too deep, but not really caring.

The melody offers a fusion of Stone’s soul roots with the driving groove of the Tom Weaver (bass) and Lenny Bonetti’s (drums) rhythm section. Packed with an energetic yet nostalgic vibe, the single is one that will make you turn the volume up to eleven. Infused with the power of the band’s sound, this single will make you happy the band decided to reform.

‘Serious’ hits the ground running and takes you along for the ride from the first second. There is a groovy burst of sound that makes you want to dance like no one’s watching. There is no way that you can listen to this single and not give in to the urge to move around. The drums bring a bounce to your soul, while the organ shimmies against your shoulders, and the brass serves up an infectious blast of goodness. There is a slightly nostalgic touch to the music as it takes you back in time, but the good vibes of the music turn it into something wonderfully contemporary. The melody doesn’t pause for a moment and only becomes more engaging the longer you listen and fills you with the unstoppable urge to turn up the volume.

As you are dancing like crazy to the music, the backing vocals open the performance with a vintage vibe. Stone’s voice growls in with an amazing soul-rock flow that turns into a catchy melodic tone for the chorus. While the melody makes you want to turn the volume up, Stone’s vocals will have you shouting out with him, particularly in the chorus. Through the track, the lyrics bring the addictive feeling of being in love and in a relationship to life, while the chorus asks for a reprieve. There is an understanding that you are too deep but you have no way of getting out. While this is a serious issue, the engaging and energetic movement of the music leaves you without a care in the world.

Memphis Stone and the Elevators pulse their infectious energy into your veins as they bring a stomping good time to our ears with ‘Serious’. The melody catches you in the energetic movement from the first moment and doesn’t let you down for a second. While the vocals consider being in too deep, they are so catchy that you never want them to end.

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