Gentry Blue – What Lies on the Other Side (2020)

There are times when you feel like you have lost who you are and what your true purpose in life is. These moments form the foundation of ‘What Lies on the Other Side’ by Gentry Blue. Using an expansive melody and powerful vocals, the band explores this confusing feeling. The contemplative pace of the track will have you thinking about life and connecting with the emotions even if you have never been in this situation.

The second release from the Nashville band, the single stays true to their roots. Lydia Gentry (vocals, violin), Jo Jeffries (bass), Travis Fairley (guitar) and Brandan DeBonis (drums) fill your ears with an intense and nuanced soundscape.

‘What Lies on the Other Side’ throws you into the band’s sound from the first second. There are wailing guitars that hook you and draw you into the slapping melody. The different elements of the melody lead you through the song only to push you higher and higher as the song progresses. The melody is entirely too engaging and catchy for its own good. You could easily get lost in it, but it melds with the vocals in the most pleasing way.

Gentry’s vocals weave between the different elements of the melody to help you get lost in the soundscape. Her voice moves from a deeper tone on the verses to a higher timbre on the chorus. The change in her vocals drives the flow of the track home. The messaging of the song and lyrics are also highlighted with the nuanced vocal performance.

Gentry Blue explore losing your true purpose and your identity in the nuanced single ‘What Lies on the Other Side’. The single uses a combination of melodic elements from pulsing melodies to nuanced vocals. Each element adds something to the song and they meld together for an intense sonic experience.

Find out more about Gentry Blue on their website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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