Track of the Day: Raleÿell – Dysphoria

Tackling life and existential truths with reckless abandon, we have the singer-songwriter Raleÿell. Based in Canada (Toronto to be exact), this talented songstress merges elements of alternative pop with a downtempo synth-pop design. A rather new artist in the pop scene, Raleÿell has a limited repertoire to enjoy; however, this does not mean she hasn’t grabbed the attention of critics. Featured in Keep Walking Music, Indie Pop Tart, Independent Music Reviews, The Hip and Stylish and on several playlists, Raleÿell is reaching audiences on an international scale. We introduce you to this emerging talent with her single ‘Dysphoria’.

Following her debut single ‘If You Stay’, ‘Dysphoria’ is a fantastical pop track with tints of chilled downtempo melodies. Synth-laden, the track incorporates contemporary electropop meets alt-pop with a post-punk edge. While the melody has a smoothness, there is a Billie Eilish quirkiness with sharply executed lyricism in a staccato fashion. It is perhaps this brash execution that makes the song so “in your face”.

We can speak about Raleÿell’s versatility moving from the guitar-led ‘If You Stay’ to swelling synths in ‘Dysphoria’, but it is her innovativeness that captivates me. The abruptness of the track in both vocals and melody is charming but at the same time disarming. Described by Raleÿell as being “a bit alarming”, ‘Dysphoria’ throws you into a tumultuous river of sound filling your head with a hazy ambience.

“‘Dysphoria’, at its core, is about your own strength that will definitely help you to overcome anxiety and feelings of sadness. The song is a bit alarming; it makes you remember that sometimes the dysphoria can be so intense that it will interfere with your life and might be able to ruin it. You should care about yourself once you feel dysphoric. Emotions can be misleading sometimes and only self-love and self-respect are the keys.” – Raleÿell on ‘Dysphoria’

What I find intriguing about ‘Dysphoria’ and Raleÿell, in general, is the haunting quality of the music. A classical haunting is found in her bold, husky vocals, however, the dulcet tones add an air of eclecticism ala Amanda Palmer. This otherworldliness enhances the track’s core issues of desperation, emotional sensitivity and dissatisfaction with reality. Sophisticated and endearing, I am easily swept away by the poetic lyricism, effortless execution and harmonic melodies.

For more from Raleÿell check out her Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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