George Mills – How Does A Guy (2020)

Combining his unique and addictive sound with mainstream pop appeal, George Mills has been gaining fans in droves. His latest single ‘How Does A Guy’ brings a new evolution of his sound as he combines previous influences for a refreshing crossover of instrumentation and synthesisers. Incorporated into this song are all the elements of music that get you reminiscing and singing along.

The raw storytelling ability that Mills brings to the table enhances the emotional draw of the track. He is able to transport you to a personal setting making it relatable and familiar. While his music has an upbeat and uplifting tone, there is something deeper lurking beneath the lyrics.

George Mills wastes no time getting into the subject matter with ‘How Does A Guy’. From the first second of the song, his rich vocals start asking the hard questions. The lyrics of the song look at a lot of societal norms that most of us have wondered about at some point. You can hear the curiosity in his performance which is a pleasure to listen to. The track is reminiscent of Shawn Mendes, but there is something that makes it unique.

As the lyrics look at the hard questions, the melody is all catchy pop. There are many staple elements of mainstream pop that gives the track wide appeal. The chorus will make you want to sing along and move to the beat. It is a light melody that belies the lyrics and what is really being looked at in the song.

Combining commercial pop with his musicality, George Mills grabs your attention with ‘How Does A Guy’. The song has mainstream pop appeal with deep lyrics that make you pause and think. The curiosity in the vocal performance perfectly matches the lyrics and is a perfect layer to the uplifting melody.

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