Annika Bellamy – Psycho (2020)

Are you looking for a song full of empowerment with fierce and inspirational vibes? Look no further than ‘Psycho’ by Annika Bellamy which looks at cutting loose from a toxic relationship. Through the pain of the single, there is a sense of everything being worthwhile for the freeing and rewarding feeling once you are your own person again. This real-life contemporary RnB single will have you feeling inspired while overcoming heartbreak and shaking off the toxicity of a bad relationship.

Teaming up with producer Jayden Panesso, Bellamy hits you with sexy, empowering and lively sounds. Drawing on a musical background, she creates a soundscape that you are drawn into while being pumped with the emotions she wants you to feel.

‘Psycho’ draws you in with a simple yet deep opening melody that gives way to Bellamy’s vocals. Her dulcet tones are smooth as she draws you into the lyrics. Her emotive performance fills you with a sense of moving on from a bad relationship. Through her performance, you are taken through the realisation that the relationship is toxic to moving on and understanding that you are better off. The lyrics cover a lot of ground including the other person trying to make the victim out to be the psycho.

Below her empowering vocals, is a very smooth RnB melody. The melody slides against your ears in the background allowing the vocals to stand out. However, there is a beat within the depths of the melody that has you shifting to the rhythm. As the song progresses, the melody retains its smoothness, but there is a sense of freedom bubbling from the depths.

Annika Bellamy helps you overcome heartbreak and move on from a toxic relationship in the inspiring and empowering ‘Psycho’. The contemporary RnB melody forms the perfect basis for her sultry vocals that wrap you in a blanket of strength. Through the single, you are given the boost you need to move on and feel the freedom this provides.

Find out more about Annika Bellamy on her website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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