Bethan Wyn – Get To Know You (2021)

Merging the sounds of Kate Bush with Stevie Nicks, Bethan Wyn is a UK-based artist with a beautifully obscure sound. While Wyn has already performed on a national level, she has enchanted her way into people’s hearts through collaborations with Snorkie and Soul Central. Yet, while her collaborations are exciting, it is her distinctive soul meets pop style that separates her from the rest. Featured on Music Talkers, Singdaptive and several online radio stations, the up-and-coming artist is turning heads on a global scale. We happily present you with her debut single ‘Get To Know You’.

Combining a steady drumbeat with a dynamic guitar, ‘Get To Know You’ incorporates elements of jazz and rock with a hazy ambience. As I mentioned, Wyn’s multi-instrumental skills are notable but it is her vocals that truly ensnare your senses. Finding a balance between hushed tones and powerful mellowness, her smooth voice lulls you into a comfortable bubble of sonic awesomeness. Yet, while this soothing flow has a relaxing vibe, there is a “sit up and listen” tinge in the alluring lyricism.

Highly reminiscent of Kate Bush and Sade, there is a sensuality oozing through in the track. Not only with the melodic harmonies of instrumentation and voice, but in the feeling of ‘Get To Know You’. I often say the best songs are not heard but felt, and this is one that blows you over with a simple whisper.

Alongside her single, Bethan Wyn released an official music video for ‘Get To Know You’. Enhancing the concept of modern-day dating, Wyn adds a visual element to her relatable track. Displaying images of herself in daily situations, such as sitting in the back of a car or readjusting her rear-view mirror, Wyn showcases everyday life. However, the consistent return to her sitting at a bar with a Martini in hand enhances the “dating stuff” in ‘Get To Know You’. Moreover, the sensuality of the song is represented in the sexiness of her character. Seriously, I wouldn’t mind getting to know her and neither should you!

For more from Bethan Wyn check out her official website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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