Dream Tiger – EP 1 (2020)

Dream Tiger is the creative partnership of Liz and Josiah Wolf from the band WHY? The husband and wife team have been working on a series of EP releases with the first, EP 1, now out. This marks the first recorded work by Liz Wolf since 2015.

The three-track EP was recorded during quarantine and each is a widescreen composition seeking universal meaning. Each song looks at minute observations and cosmic mysteries while trying to find the answers to life. The EP is full of Wolf’s famous dark pop sensibilities mixed with neo-classical instruments.

‘Crystalized’ is the first track and introduces you to Liz Wolf’s dream-pop vocals. You are also treated to the rhythmic three-dimensional patterns of Dream Tiger. The deeply resonating music highlights the lyrics of the track that look at facing something that is bigger than ourselves.

The melody of ‘Magnificent Path’ sounds a bit disjointed at first, but combined with the lyrics creates a complex dreamscape. The lyrics of this track are also deep and explore the chance connections we all have in our lives. Eddy Kwon on the violin is featured on this track.

The final track of the EP is ‘Gold’ featuring Teach Me Equals on violin and cello. They open the track with moving classical tones that work very well with the dark vocals. This is my favourite song of the EP because it brings a few different genres together to create an exploration of disillusionment.

Dream Tiger takes a dreamy look at the cosmic mysteries of the world in EP 1. The three tracks each look at something new using cinematic compositions and an interesting mixture of dark pop with neo-classicalism. This EP makes us excited to hear what the others in the series have to offer.

You can find out more about Dream Tiger on their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Bandcamp.

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