Mono XL – Where I Belong (2021)

If you are looking for a single that rises on waves of synths and brings honesty and depth to the vocals, you are in the right place. This is exactly what Mono XL brings with his single ‘Where I Belong’ which weaves his love of music into his musical experience. As listeners ride the synth-driven soundscape, Mono XL covers them in his unique sense of creativity.

While the debut release of this musical project, the man behind the sound, Mike de Lis, is no newcomer to the industry. Using his life-long dedication to music, he defies genres and brings immersive sounds to listeners. Mixing this with poetic honesty and big beats, he has you hooked to his new sound and eager to hear more of what this project has to offer.

‘Where I Belong’ sweeps you up in the synths that form a rainbow path for you into the single. The moving drive of the synth-laden melody has you endlessly moving forward. While there is this drive, the melody is relatively relaxed and has you floating along the path it lays out for you. The vibrant colours that twinkle through the soundscape have an almost euphoric feeling to them. It is like you can easily soar into waves of endless bliss through the music but you just need that last push. Through all of this, the melody is touched with a sprinkle of retro vibes that has been woven into something wonderfully modern.

Walking with you along the path of the melody are Mono XL’s vocals. There is something completely honest and sincere about his performance as he openly acknowledges mistakes and looks to move forward. It is a delicate exploration of emotion, the world around us and our place in it. The companionable vibe of the vocals performance makes the single even more relatable than it already is. While the vocals don’t have you wanting to sing along, they will stick in your brain for long after the song has ended.

Mono XL lays a path of colour synths for you to follow before filling you with honest vocals and explorations of the world in ‘Where I Belong’. The melody brings a touch of retro to modern sensibilities while glittering with colours that pull you into the soundscape. His vocals are companionable making their honesty more sincere.

Find out more about Mono XL on his website, Instagram and Spotify.

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