Giant Head Collective – Without Me (2021)

While finding out your partner has cheated on you can be painful, it can also bring a wonderful feeling of empowerment. This is something that Giant Head Collective provides with their single ‘Without Me’. Told from a female perspective, the single tells the story of finding out your partner is a cheat to ultimately realising that he is a loser who just lost the best thing he could ever have.

Bringing the sadness of a breakup to the empowerment of knowing you are better off without him, the band interestingly uses male vocals to bring a powerful female perspective. Mark Breingan (guitars, bass), Grant Barbour (vocals), Scott Mulhearn (vocals) and Ryan Lucas (vocals) came together as a collective during a jam session before the pandemic hit. When the world closed down, they used the wonders of modern technology to collaborate with each other and artists from across the world.

‘Without Me’ has this really bright feeling to the opening like the dawn breaking over the horizon. The strummed guitar tones glint off the piano to fill your senses with bright energy. The roll of rock drums adds this rather addictive movement to the melody that has you swaying to the music. While the single brings the sadness of a breakup to a touch of empowerment, the melody is all epic soaring guitars and wide open roads. The guitars are like the wind whipping through your hair as you drive down an open road with the windows down. This offers a freeing feeling to the single that actually works wonderfully with the lyrics and vocals.

While the melody brings warm light and the freedom of the open road, the vocals throw you into the pain of finding out that your partner is a cheater. The opening lyrics are packed with the questions you want to ask when you first find out. After these questions, your attention is turned to the bright future you can have without the person who has cheated on you. This is when the empowerment of the single really hits and the lyrics hit out at the person who cheated. The rock-tinged vocals have a slight shake of the head woven into them as the narrator of the track moves on and does so with a wonderfully strong stride. If you are looking for a breakup song that leaves you feeling empowered and sure that leaving the relationship is the best solution, this is definitely the one to listen to.

Giant Head Collective touch on the pain of a breakup only to move on into empowerment and the knowledge that you are better off in ‘Without Me’. The single is the breakup song you should listen to if you want to avoid pain and get right to moving on with strength. The vocals have a soft rock vibe that meets the freedom of the melody perfectly to let you know you are better off without him.

Find out more about Giant Head Collective on their website, Facebook, Twitter and Spotify.

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