Sam Handy – Done (2021)

Influenced by the likes of John Mayer, Bruno Mars and D’Angelo, the UK-based threesome Sam Handy are reputed to steal listeners hearts with soothing vocals and articulate lyrics. Combining his soothing guitar and vocals, singer-songwriter Sam Handy is joined by pianist Ted Hayes, bassist Allan Penford with Ed Stokes producing all this awesome stuff. Featured on Lefuturewave, Indie Top 39, A&R Factory, Sinusoidal Music, Rising Artists Blog, BBC Introducing and various playlists/podcasts, Sam Handy is reaching an international audience. The latest addition to their critically acclaimed discography is ‘Done’.

Following their single ‘Better’ (read our review here), ‘Done’ adopts a soothing funk-inspired track filled with kaleidoscopic grooves. As with most of their work, Sam Handy induces a toe-tapping, finger-clicking bop with their music, and this is effortlessly presented in the new song. Adding his intriguing falsetto to a mix of dynamic drums, piano plink-plonks and steady drums, Sam Handy sends the listener adrift a glittering sonic river with a smile on their face. Yet, while the hypnotic melody has a sense of old-school funk, there is a strong contemporary edge making it stand out in a modern-day indie music scene.

Written over a year ago, ‘Done’ touches on the end of a relationship and dealing with those frustrating, anxiety-ridden emotions. The thing is, while ‘Done’ might be a breakup song it is that empowering breakup song telling your ex that you simply don’t care. They are losing something amazing when breaking up with you so really, their loss.

“’Done’ is a resounding middle finger to toxic relationships and the individuals. Standing by someone and making allowances for their faults and supporting them unconditionally. But, it’s not enough, and that individual was never interested in what was best for either of you from the start. This song is about moving on and being more resilient.” – Sam Handy on ‘Done’

I have said over and over again that there are “feel songs” and “describe songs”. “Describe songs” I can easily, well, describe and express my thoughts on the song; however, the “feel songs” are completely indescribable and you will only understand it by listening to the music. Sam Handy’s ‘Done’ is definitely a “feel song”.

For more from Sam Handy check out his official website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.  

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