Gigantic Hand – OPEN LETTER (2021)

After 12 years, Gigantic Hand are back with their single ‘OPEN LETTER’. The first track off an anticipated full-length album, it is the perfect reintroduction of their urgent and insistent rock sound. With lyrics that ask listeners if they are happy with who we have become as the human race, it offers a catchy yet heavy at times sound that gets you rather hooked.

Inspired by the desire to create a new modern anthem, they bring pop liveliness to appropriately heavy rock. With Rory O’Connor on drums and synths, Kris Kaczor on guitar and Anthony ‘Rocky’ Gallo mastering the single, they will have you excited for what their new music has to bring. If you are already a fan of their music or hearing them for the first time, this track is one that you don’t want to miss.

‘OPEN LETTER’ has a real 90s rock vibe to the opening from the drums to the wash of the guitar. There is a touch of heaviness to the melody that is lightened by the higher guitar line. This sets you in an interesting state of mind where you are open to the questions of the lyrics while feeling the touches of contemplation. Through this, you are moved to sway to the rhythm of the music while a little smile creeps onto your face. It is impossible to listen to this melody and not get drawn into its movement.

As you sway and float to the engaging movement of the music, the vocals hover over your senses and lightly tap at your brain. The vocals seem to soar against the backdrop of the melody while grabbing your hand and taking you along for the journey. The lyrics are worth listening to as they question how you feel about humanity and bring in some poetic imagery. While there is a heavy question woven into the single, there is also a touch of hope and the understanding that there is some good out there.

Gigantic Hand are back with an unstoppable movement as they have you swaying and thinking about the world with ‘OPEN LETTER’. There is a wonderful movement to the music that makes it easy to just give in and soar with it. The vocals bring the heaviness of serious questions to the single but soar into the atmosphere for an engaging listening experience.

Find out more about Gigantic Hand on their website, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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