Saves the Witch – Dear Edea (2021)

Everything has its limits and this includes love and how far we are willing to go for those we care about. Through their single ‘Dear Edea’, Saves the Witch is considering the limits that we have on love and where the line in the sand is. Inspired by a theatrical notion, the single also looks at whether the limits we have can be pushed and when we deem it acceptable to step over the line we create.

This consideration of the limitations of love comes from the mind and musicality of Eric Maynes. The sole member of this musical project, he started creating music under this name during the pandemic. As a follow-up from the debut album released earlier this year, the track picks up where the haunting vibes of the album left off.

‘Dear Edea’ grabs your attention with the drum opening. The roll of the drums meets the melodic flows of the higher levels for an engaging listening experience. While there is an earthy touch to the music, there is something almost otherworldly about it at the same time. As the drums have you walking down the path of the single, the melodic elements you meet along the way bring a contemplative feeling to the soundscape. It is like walking through the woods and having time to just think about everything in your life.

While the melody has an easy meander of thoughts, it is the guitar that really drives the considerations of the track. When the guitar line rises against the rather chilled vibes of the music, it takes your thoughts with it. It is like the guitar is asking you the hard questions of life but not pushing you to have all the answers at once. There is an interplay between a push of guitar and the lighter guitar line that really gets you thinking. Even without any lyrics, this track is unbelievably emotive as it brings thoughts and feelings welling up.

Saves the Witch uses wonderfully woven instrumentation to wander into your thoughts and set them on a path of contemplation in ‘Dear Edea’. The melody easily puts you in a contemplative space where the primary guitar lines are able to question and soothe. The movement of the track is slightly haunting while a true testament to the musicality of Maynes.

Find out more about Saves the Witch on his website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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