Luis Oliart & The Hinges – Rise Up! Fire on the Mountain (2021)

Luis Oliart wove a web of raw honesty that combined seamlessly with his blues guitar in ‘Love’s A Lost Art‘. Now, he has created the fight song that many of us may not realise we needed until we hear it. ‘Rise Up! Fire on the Mountain’ brings sing-along elements to tension, frustration and an outlet that leads to hope.

With the band The Hinges, Oliart wrote this track toward the end of last year when we were all starting to really feel the full effects of the prolonged pandemic. With the musical aid of Norwood Fisher (bass), John Steward (drums) and Jay O’Keefe (guitar), Oliart (vocals, guitar) brings the hope and pick-me-up that we all needed to life. If you are feeling down about anything, this is the song that you need to unleash negative emotions and face the world with strength and resolve.

‘Rise Up! Fire on the Mountain’ fills you with the push of a fight song from the first moment. The vibrations of the guitars and the push of the drums echo through your chest while getting your head bopping to the sound. There is a building feeling to the track as the opening low levels have you marching forward. The higher guitar tones that hit on the chorus, give you the glimmers of light and hope for the future. This is merged with a sense of pushing against the status quo. You can’t listen to this track and not feel the need to unleash the pent-up emotions inside. This urge only becomes heavier as the single progresses.

As you march and push with the melody, the vocals bring a classic rock edge to the soundscape. Oliart’s vocals pick up every emotion that feeds our frustration before giving it direction on the chorus. It is a chorus that you can very easily sing along to and it will be stuck in your head for long after the track ends. The light gruff scratch of his vocals makes the track even more engaging.

Luis Oliart and The Hinges help you unleash frustration and get you singing along to their classic rock fight song in ‘Rise Up! Fire on the Mountain’. The marching of the melody leads you to a light tone of hope for the future. Oliart’s vocals are engaging as they pick up frustrations we all have and let them fly with a really catchy chorus.

Find out more about Luis Oliart & The Hinges on their website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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