Gillian Heidi – High (2020)

At the young age of sixteen, Gillian Heidi is making waves in the music industry with her poetic, soulful and deeply emotional song style. This US born singer, recently released her new song ‘High’ into the world and it’s all sorts of amazing.

As she has said herself, “High is inspired by real emotions, although not every lyric is true to my own life. In the relationship I was in, I had a moment where I felt like the guy I was dating was detached and constantly at parties with his friends rather than being there for me when I needed him. I took this momentary feeling and channeled it into High”.

And that she did.

‘High’ takes this inspiration and turns it into something creative, stirring, and poetic. Heidi showcases her voice throughout the song from the soft vocals at the beginning to the strong determined voice at the end. The voice has the ability to show her emotions and we, as listeners, can see her heartbreak of loving someone who just simply doesn’t care. She has a voice that is unique and enticing which is her determining factor in pushing her career through the roof.

The instruments in the track have a way of supporting the strong vocals of Heidi whilst creating a path of their own. They make their presence known through following the ups and downs of the song and going where Heidi goes whilst adding their own zest to the track.

I think Gillian Heidi has done an amazing job in the execution of this song. I can see and feel her connection to the song and am impacted by her feelings. I feel like I have lived through this myself. If Gillian keeps releasing tracks like this one, she has got herself a new lifelong fan.

Find out more about Gillian Heidi through Facebook and Spotify.

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