Manneto – Spaceman (2020)

Manneto has recently released his new music video for the track ‘Spaceman’ and might I say it could be even better than the song itself. This Antwerp born artist really worked with the song he created and provided us with a masterpiece of a music video to support the emotions he was showcasing through the lyrics.

Manneto has said himself “Spaceman was a song I wrote in a time where I felt like the world was collapsing around me. It was a song that gave me strength when I needed it the most”.

The video opens with a scene of forestry, no end in sight, just empty land and trees. There is conflicting intentions behind this choice as some view this as complete freedom whilst others view this as a labyrinth. A problem that sees no end which I have believe was his inspiration. Throughout the video he is continuously walking, walking to nowhere but following a woman holding a long piece of white material. Almost as though she is guiding him to a destination, somewhere where he thinks he needs to go. He follows her for the entirety of the video, hoping she will lead him to a destination. We see him searching the expense, looking for any sign that he has made it out of the shadows, but it never comes.

At the end of the video the woman drops the fabric on the ground, walks away and he picks it up. For me, this was a powerful but subtle statement that was made by the artist. It meant that he doesn’t need anyone to lead him, to tell him what he needs. He needs to find it himself. The only way he can get out of the forest – the dark times – is by leading himself out. His own way.

The lyrics talk about him being trapped and losing himself. He doesn’t know where to go or who he is anymore. He has lost his way. There is also an eerie sound that comes with the instruments that I find interesting when posed next to the video. I think the song is perfectly supported by the music video as his pain is now visual through the long journey he is taking to nowhere.

This video – in the way I interpreted it – was really powerful and I found the lyrics, instruments and visuals all worked together to deliver a story that is heartbreaking whilst also being inspirational. This music video is so relevant in today’s day and age with everything we have been faced with this year alone. I think Manneto and his team did a great job artistically and vocally with the present that is ‘Spaceman’.

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