Chris McConville – Fire (Teardrop Implode Remix) Feat. Simon Dawes (2020)

Chris McConville, London based artist has recently re-released a new version of his song, ‘Fire’. Originally, the song was a collaboration between McConville, Simon Dawes and former bandmate, Tony Eke. Saddened by the death of his friend Tony Eke, McConville completed the song, carrying with it even more meaning and emotion than the trio intended.

From the first word, I felt immediately captivated by the soft sounds and breathy vocals. Without knowing the inspiration for the song it’s easy to hear the emotional connection that the singer has with the words. I love that the lyrics are styled in a rhetorical format that both makes you think as well as gives a melancholy feel to the track. Towards the end, I found the singer really found his voice and proved his emotion towards the song with the climatic highs that wrapped the song in a little bow.

The reflective lyrics juxtaposed with the upbeat and bouncy tune that the instruments provided. What I really liked about this juxtaposition was that no matter where the lyrics went, the instruments followed it whilst bringing their own meaning to the song. After listening a few times and noticing all the different instruments and sounds in the background I found that each individual instrument was also telling it’s own story. This song has so many layers and aspects to it that the artists showcased perfectly without throwing it in your face.

Overall, I think this song was a perfect tribute to Tony Eke and the artists on this track did an excellent job of getting their emotions as well as talents out into the world that will keep fans coming back for more. They are definitely on my radar now and I can’t wait to hear what else Chris McConville has to say.

Find out more about Chris McConville on his Facebook and Spotify.

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