Glitchers – Thought Crimes (2021)

Protest punk band Glitchers have released an explosive EP called Thought Crimes which will leave you thinking, how can two people make so much noise? The band’s howling, raw and thundering release is not for the faint of heart; it is an energy weapon directed at an unjust world. The skiffle-punk duo hasn’t just been making themselves heard in the music scene but made a name for themselves touring the country last year taking their brand of unapologetic punk to the UK’s streets in protest of the neglect and disregard shown for the nation’s venues and live music sector. The band even took their hard-core sounds to Downing Street playing a set for Prime Minister Boris Johnson from the back of a flatbed truck. 

Glitcher’s six-track EP sets off at the speed of light. It’s first track ‘Keep Calm’ is a hundred miles per hour of distorted rampaging guitars, screeching vocals and hammering drum beats. The orchestrated chaos of the music is in complete dissonance to the repeating call to keep calm. The next track, ‘FFFFIREWORK’, starts with the sound of a match being lit and then dives into a mosh pit of high octane sound. The song is frenzied and contorted, expressing the imagined inferno sung about, “a match inside a factory, filled with FFFireworks’”. 

‘Suck It!’, the third song on Thought Crimes, speaks about inequality and sex. It juxtaposes aspects of female sexual pleasure with acts of brutality and reveals an absurdity that for some a woman’s gratification is more offensive than violence. The comparison is summed up perfectly with the words, “since when did a vibrator become more offensive than a gun?”

Throughout the EP there is an unrelenting sense of injustice and political will, an ever fiery expression of the band’s protest ethos which culminates on the last song of the EP, ‘Fuck The Tories’. As the final song on the album, it packs even more of a punch and adds fuel to the burning rocket of an EP with an unforgettable rhythmic chorus chant – a rallying cry for those who feel disillusioned and disaffected by the current Conservative Government in power.

For more from Glitchers check out their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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