Graham Davy – Fear (2021)

Merging the sounds of David Bowie, The Doors and Tame Impala, Irish duo Graham Davy find the delicate balance between contemporary and classic rock. Formed in 2019, the pair had a limited period for performance before the Covid-19 pandemic hit in 2020. Yet, while there was no chance for live shows, Graham Davy continued to write creative, catchy and captivating songs. Following their well-received singles ‘Solitude’ and ‘The Horror Show’, the duo releases ‘Fear’.

The third single of 2021, ‘Fear’ is one of those songs that immediately enter your brain and send shivers down your spine. A haunting single, there is a strong hazy ambience as you attempt to walk through a misty fog of sound. Expertly mixed and mastered by producer Scott Halliday, ‘Fear’ has an intriguing musical arrangement layering one instrument atop another resulting in this wistful, yet somehow palpable, mishmash of guitars and keys. Add Patrick O’Keeffe’s vocals to the otherworldly sound and you have three minutes of ethereal excellence.

While David Ruth’s bass and Tommy Gray’s drums create an anchor amidst the surreal sound, O’Keeffe’s deep, rich tone acts as a shimmering silver thread in a forest of black and white hues. A Nick Cave meets David Bowie style, ‘Fear’ has a melancholic and fearful (no pun intended) soundscape, however, the juxtaposition of lingering hopefulness in its lyricism showcases depth and innovativeness.

Dark and depressing, ‘Fear’ touches on issues of isolation, depression and inner turmoil yet there is also a humorous and empowering side. Singing about survival in harsh situations, Graham Davy add a contextual element noting that there is “no more life left in fear” and “I don’t fear fear”. A possible enlightenment in the vein of Plato’s The Allegory of the Cave’? All I know is the song has a creepiness but ends with an introspective reflection that I love! I can’t wait to hear more from Graham Davy.

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  • May 30, 2021 at 3:20 pm

    Thank you so so much for the beautiful review of our track , its means the world to us .
    Paddy and David

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