Greebo – Love A Nutter (2021)

In July 2020, three long-time school friends from Colchester decided to come together and form the indie-rock meets punk band Greebo. Wasting no time, Ash Condon (vocals and guitar), Tony Finch (bass) and Matt Solomon (drums) began writing and recording music for the masses. Adding contemporary flair to old-school punk, Greebo’s sound is big and filled with attitude; and we’re not the only ones singing their praises. Featured on Edgar Allan Poets, Our Sound and various radio stations, the UK-based group is building a reputation for powerful tunes. The latest addition to their discography is ‘Love A Nutter’.

Following their single ‘Live and Learn’, ‘Love A Nutter’ is Greebo’s third single in 2021 – brash and bold from the get-go with pounding drums and ear-screeching guitars. While there might be an assault on the senses from the first chord, it has a rather melodic flow in a crazy way – a punch in the gut but you still continue jumping about to the song. The melody is definitely noteworthy with its pumped-up vibes; however, the lyricism is what captured my eye (or rather ears).

Lyrically, ‘Love A Nutter’ is pretty much what it says on the tin – loving a nutter. Inspired by a conversation frontman Condon had with a friend discussing his “troubled relationship and inability to find a partner that wasn’t crazy (the friend, not Condon)”. Using this rather relatable theme, Greebo adopt a conversational approach to connect with audiences. A poignant theme about toxic relationships, it can be viewed as melancholic, but that isn’t the case here. Retaining a seriousness about the concept, Greebo adds an amusing element to the lyrics making you think while still having a smile on your face. It is this that illustrates the lads’ depth and innovativeness as artists.

As I mentioned, Greebo are big and bold with a ton of attitude. Condon’s gruff vocals meld harmoniously with the instrumentation but still represent the grittiness of life. Sophisticated and entertaining, ‘Love A Nutter’ is an anthemic tribute to people longing to find someone normal but are constantly “loving a nutter”.

For more from Greebo check out their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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