Lara de Belder – Overtime (2021)

To me, love at first sight does not exist but lust at first sight definitely does. It’s intoxicating and overwhelming spinning you around in circles…until it ends. While it’s there, everything’s good as you become ensnared in this whirlpool of ecstasy, and it is this ecstasy that we adore; that’s why people love being in lust. Lara de Belder sonically represents this state in her new single ‘Overtime’, but who is Lara de Belder?

UK-based actor and singer-songwriter, de Belder fuses elements of pop, jazz, blues and soul in her powerful music. Despite being a new artist when it comes to releasing original music, de Belder is making a splash on the indie music scene. Featured on A&R Factory, Less Than 1000 Followers, iHeart Radio and various playlists, de Belder is slowly building an international following. Following her debut single ‘Turn It Out’, we look at her latest track ‘Overtime’.

The sophomore single from the English songstress, ‘Overtime’ has a slower, more poignant jazz vibe as compared to the pop-influenced ‘Turn It Out’. Yet, while the new track is not as upbeat or jovial, it certainly retains the toe-tapping, head-bopping melody. Well layered with various textures, the track uses elements of hip-hop, pop and jazz creating a genre-defying single; however, it is de Belder’s vocals that add that little something extra.

Lying somewhere between Desree and Sade with the intimate attitude of Amy Winehouse, de Belder’s dulcet vocals tip you into a kaleidoscopic swirl of sound. Yet, while there is a haziness to the tune, de Belder’s voice adds a robust sensuality within the soulful sound. Based on the theme of lust, one can assume there is some sexiness to the tune, but it is the subtle sensuality that makes ‘Overtime’ unforgettable.

“The idea I have in my head is of being at a house party or a bar full of people, but they all sort of blur away as you can’t stop fixating on this one person who seems to have an incredible magnetic effect on you.” – Lara de Belder on ‘Overtime’.

For more from Lara de Belder check out her official website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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