Moontwin – Around and Around (2021)

Rocking the remote collaboration way before it was cool or even considered, Moontwin is a psychedelic whirlpool of mind-blowing proportions. Bring together the sounds of Nick Cave and The Kills, UK-based Maple Bee and Bulgaria-based Zac Kuzmanov create something, according to Indie Dock Music Blog, “eccentric and avant-garde”. In addition to their features on Indie Dock Music Blog, Moontwin has made waves on BBC Introducing, Velvety, Mickey’s Weekly, Mystic Sons, Edgar Allen Poets and various playlists. Joining their plethora of well-received releases, we have their new single ‘Around and Around’.

Some of the best ideas drift into your brain during a long shower or those hours in the early morning when you should be sleeping; this is the case with ‘Around and Around’. Half-conscious and dozy, Kuzmanov sang the chorus of the track into his mobile phone before returning to his slumber. The next day, he found a gem to build a psychedelic tune with his UK-based partner.

Following the single ‘Monster’ (read our review here), ‘Around and Around’ has a unique sound incorporating simplistic instrumentation underneath the gruff, experimental vocals. Hushed and basic, the plink-plonk of the pianos meld effortlessly with the drums, even though they are presented one after the other. It is this raw basicness that captures my mind because it’s just so…simple. The thing is, beauty often lies in simplicity avoiding intricate complexities, however, this is a juxtaposition as the lyrical content is anything but simple. I know I’m using the word ‘simple’ quite a bit but, hey, that’s what it is.

Touching on the emotive concept of “…coming to terms with the inevitable emotional and physical changes that come with age and the parting of time”, ‘Around and Around’ has a melancholic and profound quality to it. Yet, while there is a sentimental reflection in the ethereal melody, ‘Around and Around’ does not dwell in the past. Instead of fearing the unknown, Moontwin soothes youthful hedonism and ambition creating something far more empowering emerges in the mature understanding of this theme.

In addition to their single, Moontwin released an official music video for ‘Around and Around’. From the brief seconds I saw, it seems to be a psychedelic feast of visual meets sonic fusion. Unfortunately, a few seconds is all I had because the video uses lighting effects and image transitions that can trigger seizures in people with photosensitive epilepsy. Viewer discretion is advised.

For more from Moontwin check out their Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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