Greenness – Sphinx (2021)

Greenness are taking the best from hybrid genres and turning them into something special with their single ‘Sphinx’. With a touch of folktronica merging with a splash of trip-hop, the bi-lingual duo layer acoustic instrumentation over engaging electronic beats. Through their fusion soundscape, they explore connections and a deeper understanding of oneself, the environment and others.

Comprising of French singer-songwriter Cess Frangi and English producer and composer Graham Pratt, the band has played large and small venues since starting. With the single being the second off their album Sunrooms, it offers an insight into their sound and what to expect in the future. Each month, they will be releasing a new single from the album with this one accompanied by a music video.

‘Sphinx’ hits you with some deep electronic tones that swirl around you and get your shoulders moving. In each note, you can hear the fusion of sounds and genres. There is a thrumming depth to the melody that is overlaid with a touch of electronic tones. While there is this fusion of sound, the melody is rather delicate as it moves through your brain. It acts like an artistic river that you slide along.

Frangi’s vocals are a warm layer over the delicate melody. The lyrics are in French but this only seems to add an extra hit of wonder to the single. You don’t need to know the language to get the vibe of the song as it flows through you from the melody and the movement of the vocals. Together, they come together for a soft flow that has you looking inward.

The accompanying music video is as unique as the music. Through the video, you see Frangi singing and Pratt playing the guitar. It is a very different music video that captures the uniqueness of the band and their music while drawing you into a contemplation through the imagery that intersperses the view of the band.

Greenness fills you with their unique sound with the fusion soundscape of ‘Sphinx’. The melody is a river of electronic tones and gentle thrumming folk that you can’t get out of once it has you locked in place. While Frangi’s vocals are in French, the lilting flow of her performance hooks you into the vibe of the single.

Find out more about Greenness on their website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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