Joan Kelsey – Horses (2020)

Joan Kelsey is introducing their new album with the beautiful single ‘Horses’. Marrying shadowy melodies with poetic lyrics, they take you on a search for freedom through the metaphorical chasing of horses. Using a spontaneous melodic structure, the single has you floating in a half-awake sense while holding onto the connect of the vocals.

The first single off the album House of Mercy, it acts as an introduction to Kelsey’s sound. They first started writing music as a way to connect their interests in poetry and composition. Now, they are filling your ears with the fragility of their folk music while scoring works for performance art and theatre.

‘Horses’ has a very gentle acoustic guitar opening that lightly draws you into the soundscape. There is a soft flow to the music that makes you think of the first rays of light creeping into the room as you wake up. As the song progresses, you are drawn into a more expansive melody. There is a shadowy feeling to the melody that is enhanced by the warbling tones overlaid on the guitar. This warbling adds a hint of spontaneity to the track as you never quite know where it is going to lead you. However, the general vibe of the melody offers a laid-back sense of questioning.

Kelsey’s vocals cut through the melody with the lightest of rough edges for a captivating melodic line. As they enter the track, their voice is like an awakening of the senses only to turn into something more questioning. This questioning of whether you are tired of chasing horses is achieved with beautiful poetry. Lyrically, the single takes you on a search for freedom and the seizing of opportunities before they disappear.

Joan Kelsey has you searching for freedom through a half-awake soundscape in the slightly rough-edged ‘Horses’. The single is a perfect introduction to their album as you are inundated with the easy flow of their music. Their vocals have an edge which works perfectly with the almost spontaneous melody of the single.

Find out more about Joan Kelsey on their Facebook and Spotify.

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